55 Cancri e – Att Lämna Tellus

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Att lämna Tellus (in english: To leave Tellus) is a journey between the planets Tellus (Earth) and 55 Cancri e. It starts on Tellus with a feeling that you might not be where you are supposed to. A search for a peace of mind and a place in the universe where you belong. Travelling through deserts, dark forests, emotions, space and time. Giving up and moving on at the same time. A revelation. An awakening. Suddenly there is no fear anymore and that is when you find love and the courage to start over. Leaving home for another home.
55 Cancri e – a new beginning.

A1. Nu Borjar Det
A2. Att Lamna Tellus I (Oknen)
A3. Att Lamna Tellus II (Solen Garner)
A4. Att Lamna Tellus III (Kvallen)
A5. Alltid Du
B1. Ravjakt
B2. Forsent
B3. Ett Uppvaknande
B4. 55 Cancri E I (We Ran Away)
B5. 55 Cancri E II

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