Coma Club The Book

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Coma Club The Book is published by Forlaget Radius.

In 1988, the DJ Kenneth Bager and four of his friends were getting tired of the Copenhagen nightlife. Therefore they started arranging parties under the name Coma Club. The parties quickly became an enormous success and developed into a sort of modern costume party, where thousands of people would dress up and dance all night long. One of the demands of being a Coma Club guest is that you have to have put an effort into your outfit – otherwise you are not getting in.
The Coma Club DJ’s were the first to introduce acid house to a Danish audience, which created an entire youth culture rotating around these parties. After a break in the 90’s, Coma Club reappeared in 2004, and since then multiples of spectacular Coma Club parties has occurred. The parties are always held at secret and odd locations, such as the Nimb, Axelborg, the Odd Fellow Mansion, and even the National Museum of Denmark.
In the book the international renowned DJ and producer Norman Jay comments on Coma Club: “When the history of late 20th century international party and club culture is properly documented, in the top 10 of the world’s greatest ever clubs and party nights just has to be Copenhagen’s legendary and groundbreaking Coma Club”.

‘Coma Club The Book’ contains a concise story about the club and portraits of the central people involved – all written by the journalist Dunkan Dick, from the biggest international dance magazine, Mixmag. But most of all, it is a photo book with hundreds of crazy photos from Coma Clubs amazing history.

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