Jacob Gurevitsch – Lovers In Paris

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Danish Label Music For Dreams follows in the footsteps of their highly acclaimed releases by Bliss, Cantoma and Kenneth Bager with this new album by danish guitar player Jacob Gurevitsch.

The album “Lovers in Paris” hits all the right notes and features 12 amazing mediterranean soundtrack originals – full of atmosphere, melancholic moods , emotional keyboards , lovely bass, soulful strings combined with Jacob's beautiful and magnificent guitar playing.

1. Mapa de Soledad
2. Tiden der Forstår
3. River of Pouyade
4. Mexican Margarita
5. Affection
6. Little Things
7. Secret Sorrows
8. Lovers in Paris
9. Kalas
10. The Old Man and the Sea
11. The Wedding
12. If Da Vinci Was a Girls

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