Kenneth Bager – Fragments From A Space Cadet

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Welcome to The Kenneth Bager Experience. A weird and wonderful happy place where Balearic electronica soundtracks scenes of decadence, beautiful women frolic in lacy underwear, white rabbits are regarded as equals and the man conducting the party is dressed as Mozart with his iconic glasses. Don’t be scared, everyone’s welcome…
'Fragments From A Space Cadet' is label boss Kenneth Bager's first release on Music For Dreams, back in 2006, and is a creation of his own musical vision for a home listening album that reflects all his influences musically of being a producer, remixer, songwriter and DJ for 28 years.

1. Fragment Six “Speak My Name” feat. Camilla Munck
2. Fragment Zero “…And I Kept Dubbin”
3. Fragment One “…And I Kept Hearing” feat. Gisli
4. Fragment Two “The First Picture” feat. Julee Cruise
5. Fragment Eight “The Sound Of Swing” feat. The Hellerup Cool School Choir & Hans Ulrik
6. Fragment Five “Moonlight Talking” feat. Camilla Munck
7. Fragments Seven “Les Fleurs” feat. Julee Cruise
8. Fragment Three “Walther & Viola” feat. Jacob Fischer
9. Fragment Ten “On The Floor” (Dub) feat. Julee Cruise
10. Fragment Four “Love Won't Leave Me Alone” feat. Nicolaj Grandjean & Jean Luc Ponty
11. Fragment Nine “Would You Like To Seduce Me?”
12. Fragment Eleven “The Day After Yesterday” I The Meeting
13. Fragment Eleven “The Day After Yesterday” II Traveling
14. Fragment Eleven “The Day After Yesterday” III The Story feat. Julee Cruise
15. Fragment Eleven “The Day After Yesterday” IIII Reflections
16. Fragment Eleven “The Day After Yesterday” IIIII It Will Never Happen Again feat. Julee Cruise & Syd Matters

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