Kenneth Bager’s Original Fragments…

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The award-winning album 'Fragments From A Space Cadet' from 2006, was label boss Kenneth Bager's first personal debut album released on Music For Dreams. Since 2006, the tracks from the original album has been revisited and remixed in several versions. Music For Dreams has gathered five of the original praised tracks, in one package. Each CD includes between six and nine remixed versions of the original track. The mixes features collaborations with Julee Cruise, Jean Luc Ponty and Gisli. Remixers includes: Idjut Boys, Jesse Rose, Pocketknife, Dj Disse, The Glimmers etc.

The five singles are:
Fragment One (… And I Kept Hearing) – Kenneth Bager feat. Gisli
Fragment Two (The First Picture) – Kenneth Bager feat. Julie Cruise
Fragment Four (Love Won't Leave Me Alone) – Kenneth Bager feat. Jean Luc Ponty & N. Grandjean
Fragment Seven (Les Fleurs) – Kenneth Bager feat. Julee Cruise
Fragment Eight (The Sound of Swing) – Kenneth Bager feat. The Hellerup Cool Choir

A piece of Music For Dreams history…

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