Music For Dreams – Folk But Not Folk – Compiled by Kenneth Bager

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Another unique compilation by Kenneth Bager. 19 tracks of what the label does best: absolute electronic quality. Yet again this compilation is special, twisting electronic music into an organic emotion. The selection is stunningly well-chosen. The electronic intensity stands side by side with acoustic gentleness; nostalgic, melancholic moods with fairytale electronic sounds. Folk But Not Folk is spiritual purity with electronic sparkles. To name a few of the great artists on this compilation: José González (‘Heartbeat’ – originally made by ‘The Knife’), Thomas Dybdahl, Kenneth Bager feat. Camilla Munck, Sébastian Tellier, CocoSuma, Syd Matters, Jazzy Jeff – with the instrumental ‘For da love of the Game’, Caged Baby and Polo.

1. José González – Heartbeats
2. Josh Rouse – Jersey Clowns
3. Thomas Dybdahl – A Lovestory
4. Kings Of Convenience – Cayman Islands
5. Cocosuma – The Servant
6. TBA – Smashed
7. Tunng – Jenny
8. Kenneth Bager – Fragment Six (Speak My Name)
9. Ray Barbee – A Man's Wisdom Gives Him Patience
10. Syd Matters – To All Of You
11. Folk & Røvere – Medisin
12. Grand National – Peanut Dreams
13. Sebastian Tellier – La Ritournelle (Sessions)
14. DJ Jazzy Jeff – For Da Love Of The Game (Instrumental)
15. Caged Baby – Hello There
16. Psapp – Tricycle
17. The Weepies – Gotta Have You
18. Polo – Le Dégel
19. Petterson/Hess – By This River

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