Ruf Dug – Island

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This is music not only for sunsets, but also for late-night smuggling adventures; for tropical storms and rum-soaked afternoons; for pirates, playboys and people like you and me. The end result hopefully transports you to an island in the sun: neither Guadeloupe nor Ibiza particularly, but rather that island of the imagination, one we all escape to from time to time, no matter where we find ourselves. Welcome to ‘Island’ – the nine track debut album by Ruf Dug on Copenhagen’s Music For Dreams.

1. Tendacayou
2. Speedboat
3. *Dominica!
4. Mangrove Dub
5. Mosquito
6. Shoreline
7. Rasta Beach
8. *Le Rayon Vert
9. Thank You Wally

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