Silent Riders

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Music For Dreams continue their high profile string of releases with this double album of dark pop brilliance from Danish newcomers Silent Riders.
Apart from their names – Lu, Gee and C – little is known about this mysterious trio who wear masks during live performances. Emerging from some unknown murky world, materialising from the shadows in the woods, they have created a mythical sphere accessible only through their music – a vision of electronica that is organic and alive with both warmth and danger.
Led by the sultry voice of Lu, we are drawn into the dark imaginings of the Silent Riders with almost cinematic brilliance as Gee and C man the machines that weave the atmospheric dronings of their world – a world that could be easily mistaken for one created by David Lynch or Tim Burton. The rhythms that form the path to this domain remind us along the way of previous travellers such as Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire or Tolouse Lowtrax.
With the opening track “I See You”, Silent Riders offer up a brilliant pop diamond combining all elements of their distinctive sound palette. Lu’s soulful voice bounces off almost funky drum machines, all drenched in layers of dark analog ambience. On the lush “Copenhagen Dream”, Lu channels a sense of brit-pop nonchalance into a political song about the state of her city. In contrast, “Being Afraid” sees the band in their hardest grittiest mode – with Lu reminiscent of PJ Harvey at her most moody and the slow groove behind her like a factory machine beating and releasing steam. Other highlights include the chilling “Static” and the ethereal beauty of closing track “Falling” which sees the Riders in their most relaxed and dreamy state, and echoes the works of Portishead and Massive Attack. A stunning debut – limited vinyl release – don’t miss.

A1. I See You
A2. Home
A3. Monopoly Matters

B1. Static
B2. Heal
B3. Shadows

C1. Being Afraid
C2. Animal
C3. The Lights

D1. Copenhagen Dream
D2. Introvert
D3. Fallin

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