Troels Hammer – The/Human/Tree (Double Album)

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Copenhagen based Music For Dreams release another winner with the debut of Troels Hammer – a Danish musician, composer, producer and classic piano player based in the north of Copenhagen. This double album consist of a new edition of his release album 'Trans/For/Mation' as well as his new album 'The/Human/Tree'.


CD 1:
1. Letters From Uluru feat. Rodrigo Sha
2. Botswana Girl feat. Åsne Valland Nordli
3. Mockingbird
4. Grindadráp feat. Liv Næs
5. Theme From Ngong Hills
6. Fishing At Beira Beach feat. Jacob Gurevitsch
7. Fishing In Sahara
8. Waves Of Capetown
9. Serengeti Nights
10. The Human Tree feat. Mariana Sadovska
11. Mozambique feat. Deva Premal
12. Gold Coast
13. View Of Wisdom
14. The Moon Of Qulimane

CD 2:
1. Azur (Extended Mix)
2. Madsi
3. Trans/For/Mation
4. Run King (Piano Forte)
5. She Is Home
6. The Singing Clouds
7. Father Space
8. Efterår/Autumn (Piano Forte)
9. Cold Hawaii (Extended Mix)
10. Father Space (Farbror Resande Remix)
11. Birdy
12. Boys In The River
13. Mother Space
14. Black Bear
15. Lullabye

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