Visti & Meyland – Sharing the Lights

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Continuing their current passion for writing real songs, Visti & Meyland are back with a larger than life anthem of love, melancholy and thoughtfulness. ‘Sharing The Light’ has a dreamy vibe in the verses and hits back hard with a Bobby Womack-esque chorus with Meyland s Jekyll and Hyde vocals. Carried by a 70 s drumbeat, a hypnotic electric bass line, and an out-of-tune piano, this track has a strong emotional, warm and star-gazing feel to it, though still maintaining the heavy, rock-solid grooviness that the Danish duo are known for. On remix duties Payfone calls the shots and demonstrates his power turning the track into a modern Paradise Garage-inspired DJ tool. ‘Girls On Camera’ is the second track and a sure fire Balearic club monster combining -E2E4- style arpeggios with French Kiss style stabs making this package essential for any collector of open minded Balearic sounds.


A1. Sharing The Light (Payfone Remix)
A2. Sharing The Light (Radio Edit)
B1. Girls On Camera
B2. Sharing The Light (Original Mix)

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