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“The most famous clubs are those that changed a city or a country’s nightlife for ever; The Loft, Studio 54, The Paradise Garage and Lime Light in New York, Alfredo’s nights at Amnesia in Ibiza, Cosmic Club in Verona, Spectrum and Shoom in London, The Omen in Frankfurt. Copenhagens Coma Club is one such club”
– Duncan Dick, journalist, Mixmag

“When the history of late 20th century international party and club culture is properly documented, in the top 10 of the worlds greatest ever clubs and party nights just has to be Copenhagens legendary and ground breaking Coma Club.”
– Norman Jay, MBE, dj and pioneer

Back in the late 80s the revolutionary COMA CLUB ravaged the parties in Copenhagen. It was a backlash to the boring and predictable disco culture – and its built-in anxiety for good dance music. The lucky ones escaped through the eye of the needle and was let into this inferno of boiling dance floors, partied alongside other imaginative beings. A hybrid culture across social layers, races and sexual beliefs. Like the guy in the suit that was made out of milk cartons. Or the 100kg heavy girl who only wore girdles. Hedonism, clothes, music, and madness merged in a higher unit where the password was: JOY.

The danceable COMA guests underwent an almost magical transformation on the way through the Promised door. At the COMA parties, it was about the extreme, to let go and throw your inhibitions away. The music was deafening, dance floors were packed, and there were many rooms to get lost in. It was a well-organized chaos and madness, that Kenneth Bager and the rest of the COMA team slammed directly in the face of Copenhagen. And it was an instant success.

The entrance policy at the COMA parties was tight and an important part of the concept. Not only did the COMA Club make sure to tailor its crowd, but it also managed to communicate that it wasn’t about glittering credit cards, the most expensive sets of clothes, or any of that sort of style less and unimaginative uniforms. It was about individualism, about testing boundaries, to love the party and radiate it. It was about flirting, smooching and sex. About going to your outer limits. An imaginative and colorful fashion show – where textile creativity were at full blast. COMA Club members participated and understood that they were an indispensable asset of the party. You were never just attending a COMA party, you were a part of it. A boundary pushing and surprising real life theater, where imaginative play piqued the curiosity with a touch of madness.

COMA Club smashed the boundaries of what is meant by a wild partying. The parties were revolutionary because they took the common notion of time, and smashed it over the edge of a tall building (actually the old Lorry-building at Frederiksberg in Copenhagen) shortly after seeing it shatter into atoms far down on the capital’s cobblestones with a sharp international slam. Yes, the rumors about the riotous COMA-parties reached many metropolises in the world. There was even a band from Belgium who named themselves after “COMA CLUB”.

The COMA-bus had crashed through the fence with Kenneth Bager hanging upside down shirtless, in tights and in a little strange hat while “KAOS!” Blared out on the right side of 120 db. Everything was just allowed. The boundaries were wiped out. Someone had paved the way.

COMA CLUB is held once a year, and always at a secret location!
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Listen to the COMA playlist inspired by the last COMA CLUB on Spotify created by Kenneth Bager!