Apparantly it’s modern to have children – so therefore COMA CLUB conceived a baby sister = AMOC.

She will see the darkness of the night once each month on Sigurdsgade in Nørrebro! The mental dress code is the only one you have to comply, you decide whether you want to overthrow yourself in glitter, or show up in a suit and a fancy car! Wildness comes from within.

AMOC will return once every month, and we hope you will come and contribute to a cool and danceable party!


♡ Presale tickets is 50 kroner via billetto:
♡ Entree price at the door is 100 kroner

NB! Presale tickets is only until midnight – after 00.00 am the only entree price available is at 100 kroner.

Every month a Facebook event for AMOC is created, check out Coma Club’s Facebook page, to stay updated on when the baby sister it throwing a party!