AyOwA – Sommer

The new danish duo AyOwA has emerged from a musical companionship between the two long time friends – Nicolai Kornerup and Hannah Schneider. The sound of AyOwA is electronic with an improvisational approach, appealing in melody and lyric.

Their first single “Sommer” is recorded in a suburb basement in Copenhagen, during a summer that never really started, but left the duo experimenting over a modularsynth and some old reel-to-reels. They wrote an anticipating and chimerical song about the longing for a summer, where beauty, pain and secrecy will meet in a melancholic rush of happiness.

The sound of AyOwA is an electrifying mix of that of Cocteau Twins, Aphex Twin and Mikael Simpson.

For 8 weeks this spring, AyOwA have been on the new music chart of danish national radio P3, Barometeret.

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