AMOC Part 5. May 21

AMOC PART FIVE welcomes the Mixmeister Jan Schulte AKA Bufiman AKA Wolf Müller, known for his amazing productions and Dj sets – he is joined by Apiento AKA Paul Byrne from
The party also sees the launch of Apiento ‘s debut on Music For Dreams with the track “DISH” that will be used for a FASHION show by Trine Lindegaard. Warm up is being done by local hero Frederik Tollund. The evening starts with the yearly Coma Cruise event from 18.00 to 23.00 and then all Coma Cruise guests will crash the AMOC party in Sigurdsgade 39 in Copenhagen.

– Jan Schulte aka.Wolf Müller aka. Bufiman (DE)
– Kenneth Bager
– Apiento aka Paul Byrne /Testpressing
– Fashion show by Trine Lindegaard
– Frederik Tollund
– Launch of the new Apiento single DISH to be released on Music For Dreams

See you!

On the evening 100 DKK.
Presale 50 DKK
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Age limit: 18.

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