The Swan And The Lake – Moments

If the sleeve art to The Swan And The Lakes first full length album for Music For Dreams is somewhat reminiscent of the minimalist design of the classic German ambient label Innovative Communication, it is likely no accident. Taking inspiration from more than just the design, the music of Emil Svane Breum echoes more than some of the more new age-minded artists of the classic Berlin School group. Apart from being a spiritual movement, new age also spawned a musical ideology that lives on past the clutches of cults and communes: a purity in sound, and a longing for music to reflect the sounds of nature. The music of “Moments” seem to suspend time and prolong a sense of clarity, like staring out over a beautiful landscape at sunset. Both a sobering and healing experience, and perhaps something the hippies of the first new age era would have been proud of.

Opening and closing the album is two collaborations with guitarist and colleague Anders Brandt providing some grooves to stand on while Breum sends us into motionless ambient states. Another guest appearance (exclusively for the CD version) is by Swedish neo-folk singer Hush Forever, whose vocals glides along on Breums moody piano chords like drops of dew on a leaf.

Available on LP via the MFD webshop
Availabe on LP via Juno
Available as digital release on iTunes