Powerplay: Apiento & LX – DISH

The music of DISH came about when cutting edge Danish designer Trine Lindegaard asked Paul Byrne for some music to accompany the showing of her new project during the Copenhagen Fashion Week in early 2016. 

For the DISH project, Lindegaard fused food, fashion and art into a playful collaboration with the integration organization ITMV in Copenhagen to create a collection of clothing items inspired by discussions about favourite dishes.

The recorded interviews with the women of this group worked as the raw material for Apiento & LX, who used cut-up sampes of the womens voices in their musical accompaniment to the runway show of the DISHcollection. 

Paul Byrne may mostly be known as a behind-the-scenes figure for his work with labels like Junior Boy’s Own, International Feel and Deewee, and for his highly influential blog Test Pressing. Under his Apiento alias he has produced remixes and edits for a variety of artists and labels. Here we see him collaborating with the UK-based house producer LX (Alex Tepper) in creating a mix of crisp beats and featherlight percussion into a fresh & modern oriental-flavoured balearic groove full of flutes and kalimbas.

For the single release of DISH on Music For Dreams, we are treated with both the original composition and a dub mix. While the original takes a more ethereal and avant-garde approach, the dub mix is better geared towards the dance floor. 

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