Powerplay: 55 Cancri e – 55 Cancri e I (We Ran Away)

This weeks powerplay comes from Malmø – Swedish artist 55 Cancri e aka Sara Hausenkamp lets her dreams of space travel come to full fruition. With a steady hand on her guitar, she steers us through the desert at night, through the cosmic noises of space, and finally to the distant planet 55 Cancri e.
Ranging from melancholic to hopeful, the music of 55 Cancri e is perhaps an expression of Hausenkamps longing for a better home planet, and for the possibility of escape. In creating these kinds of science fiction lullabies, she is preparing us for both the beauty and the sadness of a looming future.
And on this weeks Powerplay on Music For Dreams Radio “55 Cancri e I (We Ran Away)” she switches over to English for the first time, where we find her in a slightly different voice.
The track is taken from her debut album Att lämna Tellus. An Album where Hausenkamp allows for subtle changes over a number of tracks to create a linear progression that unfolds as a whole in a hypnotic brew of folk-inspired pop. Saturating it all in a glistening atmosphere of both electronic and acoustic sounds as well as samples and field recordings, this album comes as a natural format for Hausenkamp aka 55 Cancri e to explore her ideas.

Listen to a mini mix of the album here