Powerplay : Penguin Cafe & Cornelius

This weeks Powerplay is a limited vinyl only release from this years Record Store Day.

Penguin Cafe did a cover version of the Cornelius track ‘Birdwatching in Silent Forest’ – It is a record that has grown with more and more plays every week in the MFD head quarters since Record store day, when the vinyl was released  – so we wanted to share this beautiful tune with you.

Worlds collide as Penguin Cafe and Japanese producer Cornelius’ mutual admiration for one another led to them joining forces for this four-track ‘Umbrella EP’. The pair reworked and reimagined existing tracks of their own, alongside two new Penguin Cafe songs. Limited to an edition of 1000 copies worldwide, the complimentary sounds of Penguin Cafe on piano and strings, merged with the electronic soundscape of Cornelius, form this special Record Store Day 12″ on Erased Tapes.