AyOwA – Eremit EP available for Pre-Order

AyOwA release their 6 track EP on Friday.
You can Pre-Order now and receive 2 tracks instantly!

/// AyOwA EP release ///

Long time friends, Nicolai Kornerup and Hannah Schneider transformed their companionship into musical alchemy when they began creating improvisational electronic sounds as AyOwA. The two spent a summer in a suburban basement in Copenhagen, Denmark, experimenting with modular synth, old reel-to-reels, and Schneider’s haunting voice, and started creating their nordic, dark and moving electronic pop songs.

Take a bit of Underworld, mix in some Aphex Twin and sprinkle a bit of Cocteau Twins on top, and you’ll land somewhere near AyOwA. Sung in Danish, but with a certain universal and dreaming approach, this band combines noise pop with electronica and melodies with improvisation, in an energetic, evocative and playful liveshow.

To celebrate the release, they will be playing a special show in Copenhagen on Saturday.
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