New Guest Mixes This Week on MFD Radio

We have some fantastic exclusive guest mixes on MFD Radio.

Tuesday Dec 5th – 15 to 16 New mix from One Million Sunsets /David Pickering
Tuesday Dec 5th – 21 to 22 New mix by Aaron from Peaking Lights
Wednesday Dec 6th 15 to 16 Melodica by Chris Coco
Wednesday Dec 6th 21 to 22 Cheap Edits – Greece
Thursday Dec 7th 15 to 16 New Mix by Dr Rob
Thursday Dec 7th 21 to 22 New Mix by 55 Cancri e
Friday Dec 8th 15 to 16 Dj Pippi
Friday Dec 8th 21 to 22 New Mix by Leo Mas
Saturday Dec 9th 12 to 13 New Melodica by Chris Coco
Saturday Dec 9th 13 to 14 New Mix By Dj Disse
Sunday Dec 10th 11 to 12 New Mix by Kenneth Bager
Sunday Dec 10th 12 to 13 New Mix by Peter Visti
Sunday Dec 10th 13 to 14 Guest Mix by Dj Ravin
Monday Dec 11th 15 to 16 New Mix by Willie Graff
Monday Dec 11th 21 to 22 New Mix by Aussteiger

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