Jan Schulte – Tropical Drums Of Deutschland #9 in Vinyl Factory Chart

Another Top Ten for Jan Schulte’s Tropical Drums of Deutschland compilation!

Vinyl Factory have put the compilation at #9 in their Top 30 compilations & Re-issues Chart.

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This year’s must-hear reissues, retrospectives and compilations.

Since our first end of year rundown five years ago, reissues have played an increasingly important role in helping us tell the story of the year on vinyl, and 2017 was no different.

Such is the proliferation of labels and scenes represented by contemporary reissues, it’s hard to imagine a time when we didn’t have instant and direct access to all the ’70s East African psych-funk, sci-fi dub or Germano-tropical drum tracks our hearts desired.

But as a result, sifting through these superb collections of music – whether reissued in their entirety from hard-to-come by originals, or assembled into new compilations – has never been harder.

A realm where music has become truly global, these reissues have also been instrumental in shaping some of our favourite new albums of 2017, whether through the proliferation of Japanese ambient electronics, or spiritual jazz masterpieces now more available than ever.

That said, our idea of a brilliant reissue is one goes beyond re-enforcing notions of canonical greatness to add something new to the conversation. This is music that contributes to the sum of human understanding around our collective musical heritage, breaking down borders or genres in whatever form they are manifested along the way.

You may have also noticed that we’ve changed the emphasis of our lists this year, away from the tired, arbitrary and frankly over-used ‘best’, to the more openly subjective ‘favourite’. We believe this more accurately reflects the fact that these rundowns are essentially recommendations of what we’ve enjoyed most this year, as selected by our weekly contributors Patrick Ryder, James Hammond and Chris Summers, alongside VF’s editorial team, Gabriela Helfet and Anton Spice.

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