Best of 2017 DJ Charts – Part 1 (Moonboots, Jon Sa Trinxa & Phat Phil Cooper)

2017 has been a great year for new music, lots of labels putting out fantastic records for our listening pleasure.

We will be bringing you our end of year favourites very soon. But in the meantime we asked some DJ friends of Music For Dreams to let us know their favourites from the year.

Over the next few days we will drip feed some charts, so keep checking in.

Dj Mooonboots (Aficionado)

Nordsø & Theil – s/t
Clint Mansell – Black Mirror: San Junipero
Penguin Cafe – The imperfect sea
Bendith – EP (nado)
B-B-Boogaloo – Crest of a wave
Phil Mison – Out of the blue comp
Max Essa – Themes from the Hood, the Cad & the Lovely
Molly Nilsson – Imaginations
Johnny hates sax – Hold on
Dr Mary Sullivan Bain – Do you know black history

Jon Sa Trinxa

Chris Wayfarer – Letting Go (Original Mix)
Hjärterot.Eihwaz (Original)
The Funk District -The Lonely Soldie
Dan Mason – Summertime
Gottlieb Scheppert- Schaufel
Cross- Forbidden Orchard (Arutani Remix)
Dominik Hisslinger – Tribal Dance (Original Mix)

Phat Phil Cooper – NuNorthern Soul (Nu Northern Soul)

Leonidas & Hobbes ‘Web of Intrigue’
Private Agenda ‘Dusk & Dawn’
Jake Sollo ‘Tinini Yanana’
The James L’Estraunge Orchestra ‘Closer’
MAMA ‘Unmask Me – Ashley Beedle Vox Mix’
Mark Barrott ‘The Pathways Of Our Lives”
Alice Coltrane ‘Journey in Satchidananda’
Nubya Garcia ‘Contemplation’
Hampshire & Foat ‘Galaxys Like Grains of Sand’
Ryo Kawasaki ‘Selected Works Part 2: 1976-1980’