Aleceo Q&A for Music For Dreams

We are very much looking forward to the upcoming releases by Aleceo on Music For Dreams.

The first single ‘Take My Love’ drops on 16th February.

Want to know more about the artist? Here is a little Q & A…

First up, tell us bit about yourself – what first got you into music?

I was born in a small town in Siberia (Russia) in 1979. Since early childhood, I was fond of music; I graduated accordion of the music school, played bass balalaika in the folk instrument orchestra, sang in the chorus, and also took interest in first ZX Spectrum computers and electronic music. My hobbies at those times were programming simple melodies on PC and creating own music compilations on compact cassettes. I recorded the tracks from one tape-recorder to another one, and made up an impressive collection of electronic music, therefore I was a DJ at school discos.

How and when did you start producing music?

In Ural Law University, where I studied later, I met some friends who were making music on PC in Cakewalk sequencers and we joined forces to produce euro-pop tracks together. Our group was called “Territory of Dreams” I was a vocalist and songwriter there. We even had gigs, but nobody should listen to that music anymore…hahaha… I’m not ready to play this for anyone.

Were there any particular bands or artists you took inspiration from to form your musical and thematic style, and has it changed through the years in different countries?

My style is still changing. I like to be experimental but still keeping the main focus on analog sound and the emotional aspects of the music. I prefer psychedelic sound and Nordic harmonies. Artists like A-HA, Knife, Royksopp, DJ Koze, Stimming, James Black, Moby, Enigma and Deep Forest have formed my taste for sure. Almost 5 years ago I travelled to: India, Indonesia, Georgia, – I’ve just change countries every 6-8 months. Now I live on magical Bali island where my musical style switched to balearic and downtempo music. I started to record more live instruments and like to collaborate with different musicians. But I’m still an electronic guy and have a producers mind and make techno and house music also.

Tell us about your release on Music for Dreams. What’s it about?

Actually, Teletrip LP is the best of Aleceo over the last 5-6 years (smile). For a long time now I’ve just recorded and collected my music. So it’s going to be a big release! There are 13 tracks,which were created in different places and countries in collaboration with musicians and people who I’ve met on my journey. I love all of them. Also I find inspiration in radio and TV broadcasting, from old sci-fi movies. I sometimes capture voices or different samples and use it as ideas for tracks. This can be heard on tracks like Teletrip and Nevesomost’.

How would you describe your style on the new single “Take my Love”

I’m not an expert on styles, but I would describe it as a downtempo ballad with a very nostalgic sound.
And ‘yes’, this is my voice singing this short message. I used my first purchased and lovely synth Roland SH-2 very actively on this track. It sounds like a huge Zeppelin flying over the night sky in the lights of projectors, all watched from a birds-eye perspective.

When did you write the music and where did you record it?

I travel with almost 90 kg of my studio gear (more than my weight): drum machines, synths, effect pedals, cables. It’s not easy but it keeps me in good physical condition like a powerlifting athlete! Friends helped me at some points. So, I recorded and mixed the tracks by myself and I pay for overweight at the airport every time I fly. So, I’m little bit crazy about the sound.

How did you develop your sound over the course of recording the music?

I like to produce minimal music and keep space between the notes. I think about sound and atmosphere more. I would like to connect with the listener and send some short messages and possibly invite him or her to improvise together, sing or play instruments. I try to create dance music for silent minds, if you know what I mean. I also like to think that this is real sound healing. Therefore, I love analog stuff with all these real wires and knobs, filters and faders which is both my lab and space ship at the same time. I really developed my sound a couple of years ago, when I started to perform live with my music. Real time analog synthesis sounds great for live, but you can’t move all your studio gear on the stage. You need to limit yourself and get more from 3 synths and laptop. Then you realise that this limitation could be your firm sound!

Do you have a fondness for a particular song when playing live?

Ohh…I have a special live set, where I play my own remixes of album tracks and unreleased material only. I rework and improve it every time and I love to play the latest version. But if we talk about the album, it depends on the mood, at the dance party I would play ‘Monotone’ or ‘Dipping Into You’ for a frisky crowd, but for a chilling set the better choice is ‘Nevesomost’ or ‘Mzi’.

What are your hopes for ‘Music for Dreams’?

I trust in the huge experience of Kenneth Bager, his taste and music selection. The label name is connecting with my music. I guess, it’s my personal success to release my first long play vinyl at MFD. I hope to release more than one album there soon. Also, I have never been in Denmark so it would be interesting to have gigs there at some point.

When and where can we expect to see you live next?

Interesting question… I’m staying on Bali at the moment. You can expect to see me there for sure! At the moment I’m fully focused on music recording and find this place very comfortable to collect tracks for my next album.

If you could collaborate with any living artist, who would it be?

I don’t know, I like Erlend Oye’s and Björk voices.

Finally, if you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice, when would it be and what would you say?

I would say: “Practice your guitar”.

Take My Love single is released on 16th Feb.

Teletrip album is due for release on 29th June.

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