Bandcamp Daily article featuring islandman

Great feature on Bandcamp Daily Read the full piece here Featuring island album released on Music For Dreams.

During the ‘90s there was a strong rock and punk scene here in Istanbul that I was taken in by,” says Böyük. “I started playing the guitar, making music with my friends, and this feeling has stayed with me today. Playing the saz affected my approach to any instrument, especially my style of playing the guitar.” Recently, Böyük embarked on his own Hippie Trail, from Anatolia to Central Asia, pursuing new sounds, meeting throat singers and shamans, and finding musical enlightenment in the Aşık, mystic Turkish poets and lyricists. “For us, this fusion between electronic sounds and Turkish music comes together quite naturally. Plus, Turkey has a very special geographical location. Our ears are familiar to almost all types of music.”

The Hippie Trail reached its peak in the mid ’70s, yet while backpackers may no longer be taking to its roads, the psychedelic beat that runs through this stretch of land continues to inspire different forms of dance music the world over.