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Just to let you know, the repress of the Prins Emanuel album is back in stock.
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Copenhagen based Music For Dreams is proud to unleash ‘Arbete/Fritid’, the debut album of Sweden’s Prins Emanuel. The first full-length solo album from Prins Emanuel is a concept album revolving around the medium of the vinyl record itself. With a functionalist’s attitude, its two sides can serve two different purposes. Translated from Swedish, the album title reads ‘Work/Leisure Time’: which are the moods the two discs/sides reflect. As Prins explains, ‘so early on a Friday evening, you might tell your girl or boy to put on the A/B -side, as you’re getting ready to throw some shapes that night. And on Sunday evening, you tell him/her to put on the C/D-side as you’re tapping up a bath’.


A1. Globen
A2. Wirklicheit
A3. Exkursion
B4. Bike Chase
B5. Land Of Joy

A6. Su Su
A7. Oran
A8. Aquarius
B9. Lejonkulan
B10. Seaside View