Powerplay: Laid Back – House Of The Rising Sun

This weeks Powerplay on Music For Dreams Radio:
Laid Back – House Of The Rising Sun

Laid Back now release their own version of a more than 300 year old folk song, ‘The House of the Rising Sun’. This is the first release in a number of new tracks. In the spring, Danish duo Laid Back are ready for a new release, which in turn differs from what they have done before. It’s a cover number, and it’s the first time in the 40-year-old collaboration that John Guldberg and Tim Stahl make together under the name Laid Back.

Still, everything is about it – things take their time in Laid Back’s relaxed universe. So far, the number has been stored well for several years on the computer before it was recently found and dusted. “It has been a few times in between and was a bit involved, and here we recently raised it again and thought it still held,” says John Guldberg, half of the duo. The song is a cover version of the classic folk song, ‘The House of the Rising Sun’, which has been made in a sea of ​​versions throughout the time. The original author of the song, dating back to the 17th century, is unknown, but the most famous edition was made by The Animals in 1964.

The duo seems that they managed to make the number of their own.