Dalholt & Langkilde – Sur Plus LP – Out Now!

The fantastic debut album by Dalholt & Langkilde – Sur Plus is out now on Vinyl.

You can buy it from all good record stores
or from Bandcamp (where you get the digital copy for free)

Copenhagen label Music For Dreams release yet another brilliant debut album, this time by the Danish duo Dalholt & Langkilde. The album has a wonderful warm summery vibe, with slick smooth production, hypnotic bass grooves, live guitars & vocals. The sultry French spoken word vocals on opener ‘Charite’ (one of Patch’s Balearic picks of the last few years), ‘Sur Plus’, ‘Tranquille’ ‘& Je M’appelle Spacy’ certainly channel the spirit of Serge Gainsbourg & Max Berlin, which only adds to the European flavour of the LP. There is a jam like feel to most of the tracks on the album; for instance the Moonboots faves “Bonne Nuit” and “Doucement”, which sound like Durutti Column /Vini Reilly sessions made in Copenhagen. Demise Ducha provides the vocals on tracks ‘Disco Disco’ & ‘Afrique’, lending an almost Cocteau Twins feel, which when combined with the sweet African (soukous) guitar licks and floaty bongo rhythms are sure to propel these tracks into the realm of the Balearic classic. The album also features summery 95 BPM chugger ‘Versaire’ with Copenhagen friend Emil Breum (The Swan & The Lake) – soft sax tempered with atmospheric synth for a wonderful soundscape effect.

A1 – Sur Plus
A2 – Bonne Nuit
A3 – Groovin Man Feat. Nordsø & Theill
A4 – Je M’appelle Spacy
B1 – Doucemont
B2 – Charite
B3 – Disco Disco (Kenneth Bager Vs Dalholt Beach Mix
B4 – Afrique Feat. Demise Ducha