Kojo Antwi – Kojo in København 12″ is out now.

Kojo Antwi – Kojo in København 12″ is out now in all good records stores.

Fyraften Musik & Music For Dreams proudly presents the reissue of Kojo Antwi’s highlife disco anthem ‘Hini Mi’.

Recorded in Denmark in 1986 by the then up and coming afro pop singer Kojo Antwi from Ghana, the tunes were issued in limited numbers as he was leaving Denmark, sparking his international solo career after he left the Classique Vibes. Though a popular favorite on cassette in Ghana his debut album was only released in small numbers in Europe and never achieved the same attention. The tracks selected here showcases Kojo’s transition from the highlife sound of the Classique Vibes to the more drum machine driven highlife disco on ‘Hini Mi’ aswell as the deep, computerized reggae on ‘Emeribi Be Ba’.

Remastered and cut on a 45rpm 12” this reissue brings the songs to new levels in terms of fidelity

In the early 80’s Kojo Antwi travelled from Ghana to Europe together with his band the Classique Vibes. The aim: Go on a tour throughout the continent, earn enough money to buy some much need equipment, record and then head straight back to Ghana to continue the career they were building there.

That plan never really worked out.
After touring Europe and recording an album in Switzerland, The Vibes ended up in Denmark where some of the members settled down and the group slowly disintegrated. Kojo wanted to record as a solo artist and while Ayi Solomon and Nana Osibio later recorded a second album – which we are still trying to locate the masters for – under the Classique Vibes moniker, the original line up ceased to exist.

The two first tracks on his release are a document of the first solo recordings Kojo Antwi did and some of the most intriguing African music recorded on Danish soil (perhaps anywhere). The A-side ‘Hini Mi’ was done together with Solomon, Osibio and Danish saxophonist Michael Nielsen (who had record with ghanese super star Pat Thomas a year earlier in Togo) in 1986 in Custom Sound Lab in the heart of Copenhagen. Fusing the 80s highlife reggae sound of the Vibes with an uptempo disco/house beat of that era creating a unique song that became a hit in Ghana but unfortunately never got the recognition it was due here. The second track on this EP ‘Emeribi Be Ba’ – a slow computerized reggae song – was together with Hini Mi part of Kojo’s debut album. The album was released twice first on Kojo’s own imprint (which was shelved) and later on the German burger highlife label Kame records. For some reason which for some reason is also very scarce. The final track on the EP ‘Miribe-Bom’, lifted from the second Classiq Vibes album recorded in 1985, ranks amongst some of the finest mid 80s highlife and shows were Kojo was coming from musically.