Perfect Plush – Lipstick – Out Now

The debut single by duo Perfect Plush – Lipstick is out now in all digital stores.

”Perfect Plush” are a Danish pop duo combining the song writing of the 80’s soul-pop with modern Japanese inspired pop productions. The duo consisting of Felix on vocals and Tendo as producer, was selected to the final in a yearly competition hosted by the Danish national radio called: ”karrierkanonen”. Soon after they were signed by the Danish legendary DJ Kenneth Bager on his own label Music For Dreams. Since that the duo has worked on adding organic electronic elements into their Danish K-pop universe hat supports the melodic songs and laid back party grooves.

When asking the band about the song Felix answers: While finishing our EP, Tendo (producer) suddenly came up with this groovy feel-good-beat, which ended up as lipstick. The beat draws inspiration from various genres including ’80 pop, Ambient Japanese music and ’00s R&B. The song was not supposed to be on the EP, but when I had the song and lyrics down about a week later we knew that we were unto something. The song defined a new sound for us and we ended up ditching the EP and produced a new set of songs around this new sound”