Powerplay : Jacob Gurevitsch – In Search Of Lost Time

This weeks Powerplay on Music For Dreams Radio is from the Danish Guitar player Jacob Gurevitsch and his new single and title track from his forthcoming album “In Search Of Lost Time”. The single remains memorable long after listening and this hits the nail on the head.

Jacob Gurevitsch the guitar player and composer has a unique sensibility to write themes and melodies that transcend time and sound like divine interventions, with more than 10 millions views on Youtube for the single “Lovers in Paris” and more than 2 millions views per month on Youtube the fan base of Jacob is growing fast.

“Lovers in Paris” video

Watch out out for the video for the single “In Search Of Lost Time” it features: Paul Newman, Julie Andrews, Anthony Perkins, Nathalie Wood and many more
here is a few stills from the video …