Be Svendsen – Moments Video – Out Now

The wonderful video for Be Svendsen – Moments is available to stream now.

‘MOMENTS’ – Official video Between A Smile And A Tear Music For Dreams 2019 A collaboration between Dániel Rácz & Be Svendsen ‘Look at how the light moves in this world!

This film invites us on a journey towards our inner child! It aims to evoke our childhood, a time when we were free of care, marveling at nature’s playfulness, in awe of a single moment that becomes infinite when sound and light flows together hand in hand!’

CREW: The film created by Dániel Rácz Editor | Levente Szabó Colorist | Adam Vandor (SPAJZ) Boy | Nimi Format | Super8 Lab | Szilárd Szilas Scan | Special thanks to Anna Ternovszky, Daniel Králik Gróf, Kama, David Vigh