islandman – Kaybola LP & CD out now.

islandman’s new album Kaybola is out now on 2LP & CD.

Available at all good Record Stores such as:

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Turkish trio Islandman have been busy of late with festival and club gigs around the globe. Now they are setting off on a cross cultural sound journey with their second album “Kaybola”  (which means to get lost to find a new way in Turkish)

The record is chock full of ethno-cultural material from Japan to Bulgaria, including field recordings of Tuva, Central Asia throat singers.  Shamanic rhythms were introduced to nomadic guitars, combining with compact electronic structures, finally transforming jazz elements into dance movements of a tribe that no one knew and emerged as ‘KAYBOLA’.

The album has been 2 years in the making and the result will no doubt gain a whole new fanbase.

An intoxicating mix of experimental electronics punctuated by distinctly Turkish instrumentation.

The album features the single ‘Lamani’ a hypnotically psychedelic hip-swiveler of a track.

It also features their latest single ‘Dimitro’ which is their superb re-work of a traditional Bulgarian wedding song using 808 drum machine & bass to work it into a slow-mo dance track whilst retaining the raw vocals and ritualistic feeling.

Tolga found the original record whilst digging in a world music record store in Istanbul and immediately fell in love with the vocals.

Other highlights on the record include sunset, chill fave ‘Khepre’, the dancefloor chugger ‘Shu’ & the superbly catchy trumpet banger ‘Sahara’ Pink Floyd vibes on the hippie synth based ‘Hold Your Breath’.

This special edition double vinyl release includes 5 tracks that are not on the digital album each with their own unique style and includes collaborations with Ibiza legend DJ Pippi on Sem Voce and  the jazz journey of Lumiere, produced in Denmark with label mates The Swan & The Lake & Langkilde.

Altogether a wonderful new album by islandman who has taken another musical leap forward from his critically acclaimed debut album ‘Rest in Space’. An album which has just been re-issued on Limited Edition yellow vinyl!

Band members:

Tolga Böyük – songwriter, producer, vocalist, guitarist, synth

Eralp Güven – Percussion

Erdem Başer – guitar


Islandman was born from the musical dreams of Istanbul based musician/producer Tolga Boyuk, Islandman represents a fiction character, a music persona, a dreamer composing the stories of a non -existing place…

Islandman performs on stage as an electro-acoustic live trio format. Their music can be described as a unique mix of mellow electronic structures & dance beats with spacey live guitars, backed up by shamanic rhythms.

The mixing idea during the record sessions or in live performances is to bring Turkish Psychedelia or an African roots music reef together with a feeling of the electric universe. The power of the band comes from their perfect balance of electronic structures and acoustical harmonies.

Their first single ‘ Agit ‘ ( Requiem ) was also the piece that connected the band with the Danish label ‘ Music for Dreams‘. After the successful liftoff, the band released their first long play ‘ Rest in Space ‘ from the same label in 2017. The album hit the first place by the number of downloads in the following weeks in their respected genre.

In 2018 Islandman mostly focused on touring and had a successful tour including performances in Cappadox, Sunbeat Festival, Apple Flower Festival, Istanbul Jazz Festival, Monteux Jazz festival, and Boom Festival. The musical diversity of those festivals yet the selection including Islandman in their programme was a positive sign towards Tolga Boyuk’s dream of composing universal sounds.

Islandman is now setting off on a cross-cultural sound journey with their new album ‘KAYBOLA’. Shamanic rhythms were introduced to nomadic guitars, combining with compact electronic structures, finally transforming into dance movements of a tribe that no one knew and emerged as ‘KAYBOLA’. Now it’s time to meet the first single ‘Lamani’!