Kenneth Bager – News Review


As the island fights to retain its musical integrity, against a rising tide of soulless, sequenced beats, a Monty Python styled Knight of the old Balearic Order has produced a track that has brought a fresh sound to the dance floors of Ibiza this summer. The unlikely hero is Balearic chill out master, Kenneth Bager, whose unreleased track, Steel Of Drums featuring Jez Phunk, is receiving plenty of support from the trendy techno soirees such as Dixon’s Transmoderna at Pacha and the Tale Of Us hosted Afterlife party at Hi. The track is a walk on the wild side for Bager, better know for his more deconstructed, down tempo work and it is the follow up to last seasons “more clubby” rework single, Farmacia, which launched his collaboration with Ibiza DJ, Jez Phunk. Steel Of Drums, thanks to its Caribbean steel infusion and a refreshingly simple breakdown, is proving a popular hit in Ibiza and with little competition about this year, he has in his hands, a contender for track of the summer.

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