Powerplay : Kenneth Bager feat. Jez Phunk – Drums of Steel

This weeks Powerplay on MFD Radio is the hot new club track by Kenneth Bager feat. Jez Phunk – with the epic ‘Drums of Steel’.

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After blazing through the club scene this summer, Kenneth Bager feat. Jez Phunk’s ’Drums of Steel’ gets an official release on September 27th on Beatport and Spotify Exclusive and everywhere else on October 11th.

The track puts the bona fide Ibiza legend back on the dancefloor while reminding the ‘White Isle’ of something it may have forgotten in all the modern production gimmicks and soulless, sequenced beats of modern EDM, something unique and important. 

Spreading like a summer fever, this Caribbean steel-infused voodoo spell of a track has had dancefloors transfixed from Amsterdam to New York, while receiving plenty of support from the trendy techno soirees such as Dixon’s Transmoderna at Pacha and the Tale Of Us hosted Afterlife party at Hi, to fellow veterans like Nick Warren and John Digweed.

With its simplistic, raw energy and hypnotizing loop, ‘Drums of Steel’ picks up a forgotten trail of Ibiza’s musical identity and envisions an alternate path from there. One that breaks the current gridlock of overblown grandiosity and irrelevant theatrics seeping in from the predominant EDM scene. 

Drums of Steel’ marks the return to club music for Kenneth Bager, one of the influential characters since the early days of the Balearic scene, alongside the mythical figures of Jose Padilla, Alfredo, Dj Pippi and Enigma. Aside from annual summer residencies on the island, he’s recently been more known for his deconstructed, down tempo work, exploring the chill-out side of the Balearic sound through his respected Music For Dreams label.

Now, four decades on from that golden era of Balearic creativity, Bager is still influencing Dj’s such as Dixon and Áme with this refreshingly no-nonsense take on how the island should be sounding. A genuine heart-to-heart between the veteran Dj and his life-long heartthrob, the club scene he was made for. We’re hearing talk of a contender for “club track of the year”!