MFD Headquarters have selected the debut single “Blast From The Past” by multi talented Belgian born composer & producer – Reinhard Vanbergen . Bonus info: Reinhard plays 22 instruments and the track was a fave at Music For Dreams sunset sessions last year in Ibiza and finally sees the light of day. 

Notes from Reinhard –

“My grandfather lost his banjo in the war. He got himself a mandolin instead, but never really got the hang of it. He gave it to me when I was 12 years old. After the violin, this became my second instrument. It made me realise that all stringed instruments have things in common. I have over 50 stringed instruments now, but this mandoline, featered in this track, has a special place.”

Blast from the Past is a first single of a selftitled triple album, that will be gradually released the coming year.
This triple album contains an orchestral album, a piano album and an electronic album.
This track will be on the electronic album, to be released last, but first as a single because its also part of the @musicfordreams compilation for @recordstore.co.uk
It sounds complicated but the music does not 🙂