Kenneth Bager & Troels Hammer Presents Voice Of Art

New single Shadows of A Lullabye out now in all digital stores.

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Voice of Art is the new collaborative project by Danes Kenneth Bager (producer+dj) and Troels Hammer (pianist+composer).

‘Shadows of a Lullabye’ is their prototype release. Warm, emotive melodies collide in synthetic collages. Human emissaries in digitalized spaces.

The project is born out of mutual desire to disrupt conformity, both in life and in music. The experimental ambitions took shape in conversations between the two on the fusions of respective musical hinterlands. Hereby came explorations into sympathies and antipathies of styles, sounds, moods and textures.

Conversations crystalized into a new language of their own, a connection on some deeper level of understanding, insubordinate to the symbols of rational information, a Voice of Art.

The songs are conceived from this language, informed by intuitive action and reaction. Conventional creative processes dissolved into free play, unfolding arrangements often seized by a multiplicity of emotions and temperaments at once: an abstraction intended to reclaim the human condition from the oversimplified and compartmentalized nature of emotion in popular music.

Thank you for listening.