Be Svendsen – Man On The Run

The fantastic new single by Be Svendsen – Man On The Run is out now in all digital stores.

Click here to be listen or download.

Having soared steady skywards in the past few years, becoming one of the biggest Danish electronic music acts, the elusive Be Svendsen returns with the first single from his forthcoming album.

Inspired by wrongful convictions in murder cases of the 19th century, Svendsen’s vocal lines of ‘Man On The Run’ describes a man being chased for a crime he didn’t commit.

The track is a dreamy meander that floats the listener into a hypnotic state, delicately weaving electronica and echoes of 60’s psychedelic music together into a forward-looking blend. The track is recorded entirely with analogue instruments and outboard equipment.

‘Man On The Run’ shares its title with Be Svendsen’s upcoming world tour. Due to the Corona-crisis, the tour dates have been postponed until end of the year. Contact if you have specific inquiries.