Rheinzand – Porque

The brand new single ‘Porque’ by Belgium band Rheinzand is out now in all digital stores. Includes the acclaimed Scorpio Twins Remix.

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When Rheinzand released their debut album back in March this year, the trio took to the faded gleam of disco music and turned it into something we’ve never quite heard before. Anachronistic yet timeless. The record features acoustic instruments working alongside analogue synths and vintage drum machines to create these strangely alluring atmospheres, inviting you in, transporting you if you let them.

Now, the trio returns with the single ‘Porque’. On this track, vocalist Charlotte Caluwaerts fits nebulous vocal spells in Spanish onto weightless rhythms, while a violin waltzes playfully around a synthetic bassline. In typical Rheinzand mythos, there’s something else brewing underneath the bliss. Some chthonic undercurrent occasionally slipping into focus like a dark reality probing the halcyon daydream. A play of strange archetypes performed in operatic glamour.

This single also includes a single edit and a remix by Scorpio Twins.