Troels Hammer – Black & White Piano Sessions

The new album by Danish composer Troels Hammer – ‘Black & White Piano Sessions’ is out now in all digital stores.

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Troels Hammer releases Black/&/White, a variety of ambient and modern classical piano pieces inspired by the eternal balance of life and the ancient philosophy that can help us understand it.

Yin and yang is an age-old Tao concept describing cosmic duality. A balance between all things, composed in the reciprocal energy between the two fundamental elements of the universe. As the yin and yang symbol illustrates, there is always a little light in the darkness and a little darkness in the light.

That’s what this album is about. Exploring this duality through the piano with its black and white keys. The compositions dance on the grand scales, seizing the eternal drama between the poles of life. Sorrow and grief, joy and prosperity. Troels’ keys flow with astral elegance, meditative harmonies framing archaic wisdom about the essential forces that govern and steer our lives.

Troels Hammer is a classically trained Danish pianist and producer. He currently resides on the Copenhagen label Music For Dreams where he has released three full length albums since 2015, Trans/For/Mation, The/Human/Tree and Diário/De/Silêncio.   His compositions are warm and human, playing with the principles of ambient music in both deep rhythms and beatless compositions