Reinhard Vanbergen – Presents for Friends

The new album by Reinhard Vanbergen ‘Presents For Friends’ is out now in all digital stores.

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Melodies seem to sprout from the hands of Reinhard Vanbergen. This Friday, the multi-instrumentalist releases his bundle of no less than three new albums. Has he been seized by some kind of spirit, channeling higher creative forces through his body? Or does everything he plays around with just seem to work? Whatever it is, we’re digging it.

The first album, Presents For Friends, consists of piano pieces, Stringworx is string pieces and Ubuntu dives into the world of the computer, as a mode of production and instrument in itself. A release that resists categorizing. It flies from bliss to whim, flirts with the sensational and the silly. An immersion and a playdate, with beautiful melodies, masterful harmonic shifts, eccentric fusions and little moments genius scattered throughout