islandman – Kara Toprak

The fantastic new single by islandman ‘Kara Toprak’ is out now in all digital stores.

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Bass heavy, acid sprinkled Anatolian electronica is the preserve of  Islandman and their new single Kara Toprak, set for release on Danish imprint, Music For Dreams. The song recasts the vocals and song of celebrated Turkish singer and poet Asik Veysel in a warm glow with a decidedly Balearic bent. Kara Toprak is a launch pad for the group’s Anatolian psychedelic sound and their third album (set for release in spring 2021). 

Label mate Jacob Gurevitsch’s sublime guitar work features heavily on the new single, with Kenneth Bager, head honcho of Music for Dreams, producer and remixer providing the radio edit, which also features Reinhard Vanbergen’s string composition.

Speaking of Asik Veysel’s influence on the Turkish music scene, and therefore on their own work, Islandman’s Tolga Buyuk says, “70’s Turkish psychedelic music scene has a very important influence on Islandman’ music. And when you look deeper in to this scene; it was a very special time when Turkey met with western music and instruments; and artists tried to copy the songs they heard from the radio, after a while it was not enough and they realized that there was thousands of Anatolian folk songs and a unique melodic structure of their own culture. And Aşık Veysel was maybe the best known poet/musician who has influenced all this music scene.”