Reinhard Vanbergen – Soundtracks

Reinhard Vanbergen ‘Soundtracks’ is out now in all digital stores.

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‘Soundtracks by Reinhard Vanbergen’ is a compilation of old and new work, all made for short movies, commercials, documentaries, theatre plays , or pitches. They all have in common that they were written to serve for another cause than just the music itself.

The oldest soundtrack in this collection was written for a short movie of Jonas Govaerts, ’Of Cats and Woman’, in 2007. Another older one was written for a theatre play, called ‘René’ from Pol Heyvaerts in 2008. He didn’t use this one in the end, but it always had a charm, and this album is the perfect place to share these kind of forgotten compositions.

‘Literaire meesters -Hertmans’ is the score for a documentary directed by Kadir Ferati Balci, and ‘Ticking away Part 2’ is taken from an animated short move ‘Ticking Away’ by Michael Sewnarian.  This score won the award for best soundtrack on the Dublin Animation Film Festival in 2016.

A number of these underscores and shorter themes are made to pitch in for movies or commercials and ended up not being used. The ones that made sense in this album got bundled, and saved them from a pile of tracks just looking for a reason to exist.