Peter Visti

Peter, born and bred in Denmark earned his stripes in the late 80’s and early 90’s as a DJ, Producer and Club Promoter at the cooler venues around Europe, spreading Disco and Balearic love the world over – From Tokyo, to London, via New York and Barcelona. Peter has played in every major continent…

His productions have appeared on some of the coolest underground Disco and Balearic record labels from 2003 to the present day, some of which are: Music For Dreams, Warner, and Eskimo – which he is still producing for. Peters track, All Nite (Music For Dreams), not only received huge critical acclaim, but also got licensed for the famous Hotel Costes Compilation, and featured on the American TV show C.S.I, no mean feet!

Peter has become known for his cracking re-edits of classics by Dolly Parton (Jolene) called Dolly, which was a big hit in 2007, from the underground New York club scene to Radio One in the UK. There are more edits in the pipeline, which will push Peter’s reputation as one of the worlds best even further.

Peters love of obscure disco, and house means that a PV DJ set spans from the sleazy to the downright dirty, rocking crowds wherever he plays – however his Balearic sets have become stuff of legends, an experience not to be missed.

The past several years Peter has teamed up with his partner in crime Jakob Meyland and have released a bunch of rocking EP’s on Music for Dreams under the name of Visti & Meyland.