Music for Dreams was founded in 2001 and is a sonic kaleidoscope of musical tones and colours.

What started as a Record Label has now grown to become A multi Media company encompassing a Publishing Company, Radio Station, Synch, Events & Social Media & D2C outlets.

Label boss is the legendary Kenneth Bager, who has released records under several aliases, such as Dr. Baker, The Kenneth Bager Experience and Kenneth Bager.

Having grown up with music from an early age and been fascinated with the electronic sounds, it felt natural for Kenneth to become a DJ and musician. This has made Kenneth a truly beloved DJ and musician, who likes to stand out of the crowd, a man with a vivid imagination and a leader of a whole generation of dancers and music lovers. Bager is a musical tastemaker and a cultural trendsetter and therefore has the magnificent skill to spot talented artists and carefully handpick releases to Music for Dreams.

The corner stone of Music for Dreams is the globally appealing sound and encompassing range of genres spanning from danceable balearic and electronic to beautiful ambient music.

Music for Dreams – “Dreams free of charge”