Ambala, Troels Hammer, Anders Ponsaing – Eko Maina

Ambala, Troels Hammer, Anders Ponsaing – Eko Maina Feat. Iyami Aje is out now.

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Ambala reveals new track ‘Eko Mania’, a collaboration with Troels Hammer, Anders Ponsaing and Iyami Aje.

British producer and DJ Phil Mison is a true pioneer of the Balearic beat, having released genre-defining material under monikers Cantoma and Reverso 68. Now he continues his Ambala-project at Music For Dreams with this tenderly lounged chillout single.

The track bears Mison’s unmistakable touch: halcyon mood, texturally rich and ineffably chilled, as cushy synth pluck between gentle percussion and welcome the vocal hook by sung in Afro-Cuban by trio Iyami Aje. Danish composer and ambient-producer Troels Hammer and producer Anders Ponsaing feature in the production as well.