Balearic Biscuits, Vol. 4

Balearic Biscuits, Vol. 4 Compiled by Kenneth Bager is out now.

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The much-loved Balearic Biscuits-series from Music For Dreams compiled by Kenneth Bager is being revived for a fourth edition, gathering a new batch of eccentric balearica from the label’s recent catalogue.
The Balearic style is a famously elusive one, born from eclectic tastes
converging on a utopian idea. Different styles orbiting the same principle: forget the rules and just have a good time.
For those following the Music For Dreams label, not a wholly unfamiliar dictum. And on that note, let’s break open this Balearic Biscuits Vol. 4 and have a look inside.
The compilation runs 19 tracks long and covers both the downtempo and dancefloor domains along with everything in between. As far as classic chill-out vibes go, there’s Ambala’s ‘Amor Bailar’ or Pepe Link’s ‘Vem Menina’ or islandman’s remix of Dj Pippi & Willie Graff’s ‘Piel A Piel’, all donning different local flavors. Copenema’s ‘Can’t Sleep’ and ‘Ogum’ by Visti’s Vinyl Collective both extend to Latin American ground while Wille’s ‘Bilancia Vero’ and CheapEdits’ ‘Cozmika’ lean towards 80’s Italo Disco territory. Tolga Böyük & Kenneth Bager’s ’Re-arrange Your Face’ and Pete Blaker’s reworking of Rheinzand’s ‘Love Games’ show a sterner side of things, while Gerd Janson’s remix of Islandman’s ‘Aku Membawa’, Valentin Huedo’s ‘In The Jungle’ or WALTHER & OliO’s tracks are mainroom house moments.
Plenty more to dive into. Enjoy!