Bliss consists of an international group of musicians from Denmark, Sweden and Guinea-Bissau. The core members Marc-George Andersen & Steffen Aaskoven are however based in Denmark. They released their first album Afterlife on Music For Dreams way back in 2001, and have released four more albums and several singles for the label since. Mainly an electronic act, their sound is characterized by a downtempo pop vibe and features rhythms inspired by several folk music traditions across the world. With one foot in history and one in the present, their sound is a timeless perfection of beauty. For their 2009 album No One Built This Moment they invited Ane Brun, Boy George and Sophie Barker (of Zero 7) to the table, as well as future Music For Dreams artist Jacob Gurevitsch. The group has also worked on many tracks together with Jacob Andersen who now records for Music For Dreams under the alias Bongo Entp.