CHAIRNOGOODFORBACK – Let Music Always Round Me (WALTHER & OliO Remix)

CHAIRNOGOODFORBACK – Let Music Always Round Me (WALTHER & OliO Remix) is out now.

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CHAIRNOGOODFORBACK consists of Frederik
Hauch and Rasmus Christian Pedersen. They
produce pounding industrial-tinged techno and
electro that sounds like drippin’ basement raves
and the dark months of the Scandinavian winter.
Copenhagen youngsters DJ DIVO & OliO has made
a remix of ‘Let Music Always Round Me’ that makes
one get lost in the moment. It’s a slick remix with a
real feeling imbued in the compelling groove and
The original tune flourished in a jam session in an
early morning. CHAIRNOGOODFORBACK started
playing with the legendary Acetone Rhythm Ace
drum machine and then began jamming with the
bass and synthesisers.
The song text is inspired by, maybe even a remix of
poet Walt Whitman’s work. Randomly flicking
through the pages and picking out one-liners that
reflected something in CHAIRNOGOODFORBACK.