CHAIRNOGOODFORBACK – To the Beat (Dodi Palese Remix)

CHAIRNOGOODFORBACK – To the Beat (Dodi Palese Remix) IS OUT NOW!

Click here to listen or download

CHAIRNOGOODFORBACK consists of Frederik Hauch and Rasmus Christian Pedersen. They produce pounding industrial-tinged techno and electro that sounds like drippin’ basement raves, and the dark months of the Scandinavian winter.
Italian Dodi Palese has made a remix of ‘To the Beat’ that makes one get lost in the moment. It’s a slick remix with a real feeling imbued in the compelling grooves.
The original ‘To the Beat’ brings the listener to the deep of the ominous oceans. Right down in the atmosphere of the dark waters, propelling in a
submarine. The submarine is fuelled by the heavy pumping bass rhythm, sonar arpeggiated chords, and the impatient whiskers intensifying the urge to surface. Helping the submarine to the surface is the airy
voice of ‘Alice Carrei’, accompanied by the screaming saxophone.



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