Charlotte & Reinhard – Sea, Sand & Sun

‘Sea, Sand & Sun’ is a modern cover by Charlotte & Reinhard of the infamous classic ‘Sea, Sex and Sun’ by Serge Gainsbourg. The result is sultry and invites you to dance with a glass of champagne by the sea, on the sand in the sun.

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About the collab — WECANDANCE
“We admire Charlotte & Reinhard deeply as artists. Their take and knowledge of music and instruments are more than an inspiration to us. We’re proud to say they have been our music directors the past couple of years, making a rework of classic tracks that link to our theme. Did you know that even our own name, ‘WECANDANCE’ finds its origin in the 80’s song ‘Safety Dance by Men Without Hats’? Tracks from the 80s inspire us each year for our theme and sometimes even, just as this year, for our theme name. Sea, Sand & Sun is a catchy and festive edit that makes us long for our summer on the beach with all our visitors. We’re in for a celebration!”

About the collab — Charlotte & Reinhard
“The collaboration between us and WECANDANCE has been going strong for several years. We’ve made previous theme songs for the festival and even formed our band ‘Acid Cowboys’ for one of their editions. We really feel that the gesture and investment of repeatedly working with us for their track and last year’s full album is something that reappears on the festival site itself. WECANDANCE is decorated with contemporary sculptures, high- level food and drinks of their own creation… They really install a dynamic and a modern view on what future festival experiences should be, for its audience and artists.”

About Charlotte & Reinhard —
Charlotte & Reinhard, also known as Charlotte Caluwaerts and Reinhard Vanbergen, have a long record of working together. The first collaboration dates to 2012, with the band ‘The Happy’ and went on when they formed their current band Rheinzand together with Mo Disko. They also play in Hercules & Love Affair together. The last few years Charlotte and Reinhard made a dozen more albums on the Danish label ‘Music For Dreams’ under Vanbergen’s solo project. As they started writing more and more together, new collaborations will be released under Charlotte & Reinhard. Just An Illusion is their first official release.

WECANDANCE is an electronic beach festival in Zeebrugge, Belgium. Known for offering the opposite of the asphalt jungle we live in daily; this festival aims to differentiate itself from other events by bending
the rules in each of their three cornerstones. The festival owes its unique boutique identity to a mix of music, food and fashion, pillars that are put forth towards a new theme for every edition. WECANDANCE celebrates it’s 10th anniversary in 2023! The Sea, Sand & Sun theme will take the festival’s visitors on an aquatic trip with experiences mimicking the underwater world and nods to life on a beach holiday.